From time to time, I write posts that are in no way food focused and more just waffling on about my life in general. Well, ok, generally food is worked in there somehow, like eating food someone else made. But anyway. So since I have a separate page archiving all of the recipes I've posted up on this blog, I thought for pure self indulgence I'd also make an archive page for my other life related posts. And since my other choice of name for this blog was Blue Waffle, why not call it my Waffle Page? :)

Blue goes on tour

Matters of house keeping

A-Z me

Back in action

Shameless event promo

Country themed pot luck

Life-status update still breathing

Ouch my face hurts

Cocktail hour

Valentines day

Cowboys and ninjas themed pot luck

So much to catch up on

Amercian adventures

Lunch today

World Vegetarian Day 2011

Merry Christmas and all that jazz