About Me

Hi I'm Blue and welcome to my blog.

Among other things, I'm a part-time alternative model, vegetarian, amateur cook, gothabilly 1950s throw back and full time food enthusiast. Since food is one of the biggest things that interests me, I figure why not write a blog about it? 

Around the time I decided to go veggie I found out that I have an intolerance to wheat and dairy, plus sugar isn't so good for me either. So at this point you may be like many of my friends and wondering;

"What the hell can you eat then?" 

Well, the answer to that(surprisingly!) is a lot of things. It just takes a little patience and an open mind to try new things to discover a world of tasty alternatives to milk, sugar and flour. 

This blog is a collection of recipes by other people that I really enjoy cooking for myself, ideas for very simple variations on recipes, some stories of my culinary failures (but hopefully more about my successes) and some of my own recipes for good measure. 

I hope this blog will introduce people interested in cooking to many new ingredients they never would've tried before and also help out some of the surprisingly many people I now know who have similar food problems. 

Please feel free to comment and ask questions along the way. 

Blue xx