Wednesday, October 19, 2011

House keeping note

Amide the chaos and clutter that is me trying to reorganise this blog, some of you may have noticed a new addition to the site. For those of you who haven't, no worries, I shall explain. 

Now in the gadgets sidebar to the left of the screen there is a tab saying Buy Ingredients Online

Pretty much it is (or should be) what it says on the tin. When you view specific recipes, this tab should become a button you can hit to buy the ingredients you need online through Tescos. 

I signed up for this feature at the start of the month so by now it should be enabled in all of my recipe posts. 

I would really like to hear any feedback you have on this new feature, if you think it's useful/useless/now-enabled-you-to-live-the-reclusive-life-you-always-imagined-because-it-just-introduced-you-to-food-shopping-online/whatever. 

This is your space to pipe in with your opinion!

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