Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Blue goes on tour!

Well ok, maybe the title is a bit of an exaggeration! Maybe it's more a tour of the clouds in between here and Spain...

In November I will be escaping our very soggy weather for 5 days to go visit a friend in Madrid whose on an Erasmus year. I'm also hoping to make it up to Bilbao to visit another friend. Though a recent recheck of Google maps to see where it is in relation to Madrid has shown me the two are not as close together as I had thought. Living in Ireland where everything is 2-3 hours on the motorway has perhaps instilled in me an expectation that everywhere else in the world is so easily commutable too (well with exceptions of places like America and Russia).

I have never been to Madrid or Bilbao before, only Majorca on a couple of family holidays a long long time ago and as part of a school trip we stayed in Salou but spent the bulk of our time commuting to Barcelona. 

If any of you have any reccomendations of places that are a must see or things you have to do in Madrid, please do let me know in a comment! I'd appreciate some suggestions :)

So far I'm planning on going to the flea market, El Rasto. Lou seems game for us to spend the day checking it out, so we're going to do hot chocolate and churros beforehand then hit the market. I know I shouldn't have either of these things, but y'know, when in Rome. I also want to see Goya's work and Picasso's Guernica. Other than that, I am open to suggestions! 

I love seeing pretty buildings, so I spent alot of time in Barcelona admiring Gaudí's work. It's also why I love Vienna so much. I think old cities are so beautiful. Any particularly beautiful buildings in Madrid I should see?

Also does anyone know of any vintage shops that are worth checking out or vegetarian restaurants that do good veggie friendly Spanish food? 

Before I go, can anyone reccomend a good cheap way to get to Bilbao that doesn't take all day? 

Blue x

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  1. Hello Blue Ruin, It's a pretty odd way to try to get to you but I've found your profile on Model Mayhem and might have a modelling job for you in Dublin on July 20th. Short notice indeed but let me know if you'd like more details and contact me by mail or twitter - kate(at), @MsKNowak. Looking forward to hear from you! Kate