Friday, September 30, 2011

World Vegetarian Day 2011

World Vegetarian Day this year is something that registered with in the peripheries of my mind but that didn't really grab my attention. I think I've seen some stuff floating around facebook about it, but if you asked me to tell you anything about it, I wouldn't know what to say to you. That is until now.

It's October 2nd lovelies.
Today I decided to add a "Useful Links" page to my blog, in which I've posted links to lists of vegetarian friendly brands of cheeses and spirits available here on in Ireland published on the Vegetarian Society of Ireland's website. Then on their mainpage, this happy little fella caught my eye:

The Vegetarian Society of Ireland is marking World Vegetarian Day 2011 with a day of stalls and talks on food and animal rights in St. Andrew's Resource Centre on Pearse Street, Dublin 2. 

Stalls will include but are not limited to; 
  • Cat's Aid, 
  • Cornucopia (one of my favourite places to eat in Dublin which caters for all kinds of food intolerances),  Raven Books, 
  • The Happy Pear (a natural food market from Wicklow), 
  • National Animal Rights Association, 
  • Blazing Salads (another place I like to eat in the city centre),
  • Vegan Ireland,
  • and Grow it Yourself (hopefully can give me some tips on speeding up my pumpkins) 
There's also a number of speakers announced for the day including the CEO of the UK Vegetarian Society, the animal rights action network and a food nutritionist. Between them, the information stalls and not forgetting the tasty tasty food stalls, it certainly sounds like there'll be more than just food for thought on offer. 

I know I'll be there, will you? 

For more information on the Vegetarian Society of Ireland's plans for World Veggie day, visit: 


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