Friday, May 27, 2011

Country Pot Luck

County as in where are you from rather than Garth Brookes and line dancing. I can't remember how we ended up with this as a theme, but I found this quiz what country are you? and sent it around to everyone so we'd have a more impartial way of deciding who got what rather than everyone cooking Indian or Italian because we're more familiar with their cuisine. 


France: paté and vegetarian mushroom paté

(There were also potato and vegetable cutlets that Paul made but I didn't manage to get a snap of them before they were all eaten)


India: butternut squash dahl
India: (suspiciously two people on savory got it) hot butternut squash curry


India: coconut rice pudding with cinnamon
Italy: tiramisu
Canada: nanaimo bars
Germany: strudel and ice cream

Rice pudding boobs. 

I'm very pleased with how my nanaimo bars turned out. I got the recipe from earlier this week. A couple of people brought some home with them too, which is always nice to see. Flavour-wise they remind me of chocolate mice (well I think they were mice) with caramel centres that I used to love buying along with some other penny mix goodies from one of the sweet shops on the main street when I was a kid. 

We've decided that the next pot luck will be booze themed and held after Pride, so I have just over a month to perfect a dish for it. 

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  1. Sweet potato actually ... Very slight difference =P