Thursday, April 7, 2011

Life status update: still breathing.

Well hello there folks. It would appear that I've had a good few visitors during my absence, which is really nice to come back to but it makes me feel that I should apologise for my sloppy housekeeping and lack of recent posts. I have some rubbish pictures on my phone of things I've cooked over the past couple of weeks, but the problem is I can't quite remember my recipes. Did I write them down? Hell no. Sloppy, I know. 

It has been a busy few weeks though. Pretty much all focused on a still-as-yet-unsuccessful job hunt, working in the garden to prepare my vegetable patch (fingers crossed I will have a decent vegetable and herb garden come summer! ) and doing a few things for my birthday. The day itself was spent in Dublin with job interviews, then dinner with Gar and then we checked out Tbone Kelly's acoustic session over a couple of drinks in the Gypsy Rose.  

Like last year, I decided to mark my birthday by getting a tattoo. This time round involved getting a much bigger piece and a trek to London especially to get it done by Simon Erl. I met him at the last Dublin Tattoo convention and I felt he was perfect to go to for a piece that I've been mulling over for a few months now. While it seems like an unusual combination of elements, it has a lot of significance for me and  as soon as the idea came to me, I was certain that it was something I wanted to get done. Because I was so confident in Simon's talent I just told him the elements I wanted and left it up to him to put them all together, which I think he did a wonderful job of. I know the shine in the picture takes a little bit from the details, I'm waiting for it to fully heal now before I snap it again since it's still a bit flakey.  

Out to dinner on our first night. A traditional Vietnamese pancake called banh xeo. Very very yummy. I must learn how to cook these!

Out for cocktails in the prohibition themed bar, the Nightjar in Shoreditch.
A few days after we got back from London, I had my actual birthday party. I decided on a Tim Burton theme, which was alot of fun because I had alot of ideas for food and decorations. Plus it meant that it really catered for my friends who are not always that enthusiastic about dressing up! Perhaps having the party so soon after coming back from London wasn't such a good idea though because I didn't get as much done for it as I'd hoped and in the end I had to get alot of help from my mom with my costume and the food. In the end I did have a good night though and it was nice to be able to catch up with my friends. 

Perhaps I'll use the theme again in a couple of years to have another go at it! 

Some of the sweet treats at my Tim Burton themed birthday party.
Some more of the tasty buns at my party.
Towards the end of the night, the queen of hearts, Alice and Mirana the white queen.
Lastly the highlight of my day has been the arrival of the post. My commission from Tegan Coddington arrived! Woot! I've been a huge fan of her work for a few years now and I am so happy to now have one of her original pieces to call my own! 

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