Friday, April 22, 2011

Barbecued aubergine stacks

So it looks like summer has come early and there's a regular wiff of burning charcoal as people dust off their garden barbecues. While barbecues are mainly a meat eater affair with some corn on the cobb, baked potatoes and salads for the vegetarians. How dull. Myself and my mom really got into veggie barbecuing last year and so far, a piece of meat has yet to grace it's grill. One of my favourite things to cook on it, which is also super easy to make and very tasty to boot, are aubergine stacks. 

Aubergine, cut into circular slices about 1-2cm in width
Cheese of your choice,
Peppers, fresh or antipasto precooked ones, (optional)
Olive oil.

Cut out a strip of tin foil to wrap the aubergine stack in while cooking it in the barbecue. To stop the aubergine from sticking to the inside of the tin foil, I coat them in a little bit of olive oil, you can do this with a pastry brush or by dipping them into a little bowl of oil. 

I spread pesto over the top side of the first aubergine slice and a follow this with a layer of cheese. Feta so far is my cheese of choice! Last time I made these I then put a layer of antipasto char-grilled pepper chunks on top of the cheese and followed it with the second aubergine slice also dipped in oil. Then I carefully wrap the stack up in the tinfoil and make sure the two open sides are rolled up so the stack won't out if I turn it over while cooking. They take about 15 minutes to cook, but generally the best indicator is if you poke it with something there should be some give in it because the aubergine has softened as it's cooked. 

I think these make for a great veggie option at any barbecue. Because they are wrapped up in tinfoil you don't have to worry about cross contamination if there's also meat being cooked on the same grill, so long as you take of the tin foil before putting it on your plate! You can customise them so easily to your tastes. Use whatever cheese you like, add slices of tomato or raw peppers, onion, chopped chili, crushed garlic or use mushroom caps instead of the aubergine slices. What you use is up to you! :)

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