Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ouch my face hurts

Woke up this morning with my usual hesitancy to get out of bed combined with an even sorer right side of my mouth than I went to bed with. Why is it that wisdom teeth must hurt me so much? Last year with all the stresses and strains of university the same tooth gave me a lot of hassle by becoming infected at one of the most stressful points of my year. Of course I went to the dentist to get it sorted who also told me that if I got a second infection he'd refer me on to get all four of my wisdom teeth removed. I don't actually have room in my mouth for 2 of the 4, so that combined with the pain I was in had me practically challenging my wisdom teeth to cause another infection. However as you can probably guess, this didn't happen.

Now I may be facing into the second infection of the same tooth/part of my gum, which hasn't even had the decency to properly come down yet. The bugger. I can't say I feel the same though about the possibility of having them removed now. I feel pretty apprehensive about it to tell the truth. I don't like the thought of surgery, particularly not on my face. I can get over the whole not being able to comfortably eat food for the next few days. It sucks but I guess it'll also help me loose those extra couple of pounds I put on recently. Well that and exercise. I've been too much of a lazy sod lately by not bothering to leave the house much or walk anywhere...

Anyway, now that I don't feel that up for food that requires overly opening my mouth or chewing much, I really want some me-unfriendly cupcakes and lots of coffee. Preferably from Vienna. So here's some photos of cake and coffee so I can spread the need...I mean love.

Fruity polenta buns.
Science pot luck buns.
Squished ninja and cowboy buns.
Sugar-free chocolate buns.
Meghann's rockabilly monkey birthday cupcake.
Gar's greaser monkey birthday cupcake.
One of the many trays of cupcakes at the surprise party Gar and Meghann's 30th birthday. I made over a 100 with my mom.
Clementine looking lovely with a huge tray of cupcakes at the party.
Mini chocolate brownie cupcakes for Mark's birthday
Finishing my iced coffee in Heathrow.
In Café Museum in Vienna.
Café Museum in Vienna again. Can't remember what it was called, but it was riddled with booze and sugar.
A very rich marzipan cake in Café Museum.
Gar and his fork full of cream.
A Grosser Schwarzer, aka a very big espresso.
An Einspänner, just coffee with lots of cream.
Grabbing coffee at Hunderwasser Haus.
My birthday cake last year.
"Turkish" coffee in Paris.
The famous Viennese Sacher torte.

Post Script: The pain subsided during the weekend leading me to cancel my dentist appointment. It's almost like the pain stopped because I booked the appointment. Isn't that so typical. I guess my wisdom teeth will remain where they are for the time being. 

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