Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lazy Miso Soup

Veggie miso soup is wonderfully easy to make and very nutritious. The Blazing Salads cook book recommends that vegetarians and vegans have a small bowl of miso soup daily because of it's beneficial B12 content as well as the iron and calcium provided by the seaweed. Traditionally it's a soup made using a dashi stock, but when I make it I want a quick fix and don't really have the patience to pre-make a stock, then the soup. 

While I'm not a big fan of salt on food, I should mention though that miso paste has a wonderful salty taste to it, so if you feel like making this for yourself, have a few glasses of water lined up!

I think it makes for a great starter as it always wets my appetite and if I'm feeling poorly, it's my alternative to chicken soup. Since one of my wisdom teeth is at me again, I think it likes to bother me now during the weeks running up to my birthday. Same spot got infected last year causing me an understandable lot of pain. It's starting to become difficult to enjoy food that enjoys any real chewing or has a texture that aggravates the gum further I think I may end up having to make a large batch of veggie miso soup this week and live on it and soft rice noodles until the pain subsides

Ingredients:     (makes 4 - 5 small bowls)
Red miso paste,
Boiled water,
Thinly sliced carrott,
Chopped spring onions/scallions,
Silken tofu, diced
Wakame seaweed if you can find it or nori works fine too but may taste a little stronger.

I put 4 cups of boiled water into the pot, added some finely chopped carrot to give a bit more substance to it and let them simmer until the carrots softened. After this I added some chopped up seaweed, I only had one sheet of nori for making sushi left. Knowing that it's not the right type of seaweed to use I feared that it would taste like fish food because of the smell of it, but thankfully it actually worked out pretty decently in the soup. After the seaweed I added two generous soup spoons of red miso paste which I picked up in an asian supermarket off George's St. It's red like red lentils are red,....so kinda orangey brown. I finished off the soup by adding half a block of silken tofu cut into small cubes and a sprinkling of chopped spring onions.

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