Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's day

I'm very aware that at the time of writing this not of this post will be food related. If anything it's more just writing about what myself and Gar were up to for the day and some general musings. I promise I won't gush too much! 

I find that Valentine's is greeted with a mixture of swoons and jeers. While I whole-heartedly agree that it is an over-commercialised holiday, in all fairness a quick lap around most shops on the run up to Christmas and Halloween will also show that they too are just as mass-marketed. How much we buy into it I guess is the big thing. For Christmas just gone I tried to make the bulk of the presents I gave and similarly I made my gifts for Valentine's this year. This year myself and Gar are celebrating our 2nd Valentine's day together so we agreed to make each other's presents. We also decided to spend the night in his place with a home cooked meal rather than brave the love-struck crowds in search of a restaurant with a free table and menus that we can both eat, we are staying in with a home cooked kitschy meal. 

Menu for Valentine's:
A bottle of Brut with Klimt's The Kiss on the label 

Homemade heart shaped ravioli stuffed with tofu ricotta and spinach served with tomato sauce

Double chocolate and berry brownie cupcakes with sugar-free chocolate drizzle icing

But anyway, why does Valentine's only have to be about couples? I know there's a lot of love lost between single people (some not all) and the day of lovey-dovey-sickeningly-heart-shaped-fuzzy-stuff and chocolate. This is my third ever Valentine's with romantic date, but it didn't stop me enjoying Valentine's before this. I have particularly fond memories of Valentine's night back in 2008, I think, which I spent with my friend Chiara. Both of us were single so we decided to spend the night eating homemade 3 in 1s (rice, curry sauce and chips) drinking wine and watching Sex in the City. It's also our regular thing to exchange Valentine's cards, whether we're in relationships or not. I should probably call down to her soon with this year's one. But yeah, so I guess what I'm saying is why make Valentine's a holiday purely for couples? Irrespective of whether or not you buy into the merchandising of the day, why can't it the be seen as an excuse to show someone you love how much you care about them. It doesn't have to be a romantic interest in your life if there isn't one around right now. Why not a best friend or your family? The way I see it, Valentine's is about taking time out to show someone how much they mean to you. Whether you do it with a card, chocolates, flowers, hugs, lingerie, something extravagant and super romantic or just simply using your words is up to you. But how can that possibly be a bad thing or a waste of time? 

Anyway that's my 2 cents and I think I've done enough waffling now...

To round things up, what with it being Valentine's, I really wanted to post up one of the photos I got back from a recent illamasqua inspired shoot shoot I had with the very lovely and creative Sara Kelly of CosmAddict Make Up and a very talented photographer by the name of Jason McDonald. 

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