Friday, February 11, 2011

Dinner the other night: Bulgar and feta stuffed squash with salad.

I'm a very keen follower of Biorequiem, the blog of artist, model, co-founder of Coilhouse magazine and self declared Russian Cosmonomad, Zoetica Ebb. Recently she published a post with a recipe for a quinoa stuffed squash with nuts and dried cranberries. The intriguing mix of sweetness and seasoning had me drooling within seconds. I decided to try my hand at her recipe the other night, we're now finishing the leftovers tonight before heading off for the weekend. Follow this link to Zoetica Ebb's quinoa stuffed squash recipe and enjoy salivating before you try it yourself!

I didn't have all the necessary ingredients, I never do! So my alterations were to use broken up walnuts, feta cheese as the protein, cracked black pepper instead of the cayenne and to finish it I added chopped up spring onions.

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