Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cowboys and ninjas themed pot luck

So you may be wondering what on earth is the title about for this post? Well to start at the beginning, a pot luck is kind of like a dinner party where each person attending contributes a different dish of food to the meal. On a monthly basis myself and some of my college and school friends now hold a pot luck dinner, taking turns to host. I think it's been a great for us to regularly hold an inexpensive and informal get together where we can all catch up on what's new in each others lives without there being an over-emphasis on alcohol or being drown out by loud blaring music - unless we want it and put it on. 

Since the first one went to well we've since agreed to try and make future ones more interesting by giving them a theme, chosen by the host from a hat. So far we've had the 1980s, sexuality, science and meat as themes. I was away when the meat one was on, part of why they chose meat because the veggie was in absentia, but I cooked a garlicy potato side dish for the first night, veggie coq au vin for the 1980s theme, biology cupcakes and focaccia bread men and women with fresh pesto and chili dips for the sexuality night. 

I think the science cupcakes have been my favorite thing so far because I got to show my true nerd. C6 H12 O6 is the chemical equation for glucose aka sugar,  there's two little neurons, double stranded DNA, diagrams of syphilis, bacteria, fungus and normal cells as well as XX and XY DNA.

Our most recent theme, cowboys and ninjas saw led resulted in a very interesting combination of dishes.  The menu for the night was:
Homemade veggie pizza, 
Japanese butternut squash and sweetcorn burgers,  
Butternut squash soup served in a chili bread bowl, 
Teriyaki chicken, 
Rats on sticks

Orange and jasmine ninja and cowboy cookies,
Squished ninja and cowboy ginger and cinnamon buns,
Ginger shuriken cookies.

Photo time!
Almost all of us at the table, two are hiding behind the camera.
Squished ninja and cowboy buns
Welcome to Tombstone is en homage to my sister in law's great grandfather who was the Sheriff of Tombstone, Arizona, once upon a time. 
My orange and jasmine cookies

Christina's rats on sticks pasties.
Christina's rats again.
Sean's homemade pizza.
SinĂ©ad's butternut squash and sweetcorn patties. They had a Japanese name, but it escapes me right now. 
Donal's Teriaki chicken.
Paul's butternut squash soup and chili bread bowl.

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